The Stargaser Preface.

Thank you for browsing this site and checking out Matt Gaser’s stuff!

This blog was created for viewers and fans alike, to keep up with his current projects and read some thoughts behind his work.  Like most artists Matt is always juggling multiple creative endeavors at once.  So, make sure to check back regularly for new updates and postings.  Also, if you have any questions or feedback on his work feel free to leave a comment or two!

Is this your first time seeing The Art of Matt Gaser?  Then we strongly recommend browsing the artist website at:  Completely redesigned with an online store and tons of new artwork from projects he’s worked on over the years.

“Thanks again and come back soon…” – Matt.

4 Responses to “The Stargaser Preface.”

  1. Helo Matt,

    I write the news pages for Imagine FX magazine and would love to cover the fantasy title you’ve been working on with your mum. Sounds like a really nice project.

    If you could let me know if you’re interested in taking part as soon as possible that would be a great help. My deadline for this issue is at the end of the week.

    All the best


  2. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  3. Hi Matt,

    Another ImagineFX staffer here, I’m the deputy editor on the magazine and was wondering if you could submit some work to a section we call ‘Dev Sheet’.

    Here we show how a character or environment is created, showing references and highlighting inspiration. It’s a unique section about the ‘process’ of creating an image (your work on Blue Mars would be fantastic as an example.

    Hope you can help out.


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