A Flight with Benbow.

Ah, what the heck.  After posting some client work last night I decided this personal piece was finished.  So, here you go… more fun stuff!


6 Responses to “A Flight with Benbow.”

  1. I love this piece! All right, I’m busted, I love everything you do, but a mom is allowed 🙂

  2. I love your mind. The worlds you create are all places I want to live in. amazing.

  3. I dunno Chris, I’ve seen some of the darker stuff from Matt that I would only recomend visiting. I do however love all his work 🙂 P.S. this is great Matt! The creatures face is awesome!!

  4. You’re unstoppable!! I haven’t been visiting blogs in a looong while, then I checked out what you’ve been up to and wham!! I now feel like a lazy bum. Great stuff!

  5. Thanks Randy! We need to catch up…curious what your up to these days:) How’s L.A.?

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