Sushi Hole.

Midnight scribble bits…


5 Responses to “Sushi Hole.”

  1. Looks amazing dude!

  2. Great work, Matt! How did that take? I love the way you kept the palette muted, introduced some warmer colors near your center of interest and then just drove it home with that hot red sign. Masterful!

    • Oops. That was obviously supposed to read “How long did that take?”

      • Hi Jim, Thanks for the nice comment about this piece. I took an evening off and spent roughly 3 hrs on this painting. I tried something different by experimenting with abstract shapes and textures, loosely working the environment into a location that seemed to make sense… Added fish details above the hole and sushi came to mind;) One “HELL” of a restaurant.

  3. Great experimentation Matt… can smell this Sushi Hole.

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