Farm Work.

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, been very busy with work.  These concepts are from my Dr. Zammsy comic, the beginning intro sequence when a farmer and his homestead are attacked by a giant.  Thought I’d add some preliminary thumbs I did before starting the painting.  Not too dissimilar from my previous post, same universe… different project.  Lol, not sure if you can tell… I love farms in the countryside, wish I lived on one;)  I’ve also updated my previous post “Concepts” with a new image I did showing a birds eye view of the canyon oasis where the Victorian cottage is located.


One Response to “Farm Work.”

  1. God, your work makes me want to cry. It’s so goregeous and ethereal. Like a child’s soul coming to life on the page.
    Thank you for sharing with the world your art and concepts.

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