Some concepts I’ve been tinkering with over the past month.


5 Responses to “Concepts…”

  1. Very nice, Matt! I want a mechanical man to pull my rickshaw too.

    I love the way you apply digital “paint”. Was that piece done in Photoshop, Painter or both? I’d love to know more about how you work.

    • Thanks Jim! I’m a fan of your work too… love how technical and detailed you get with your illustrations. Noticed you work on the WOW tcg, great paintings, The painting attached to this post was all digital, done in PS. Sometimes I’ll throw in texture and work out the photo ref until it looks painted, Most of the time I’m just painting from scratch in the computer. Most of my sketches are done traditionally, either from pencil or pen on marker paper.

  2. Man, these are just TOO GOOD!

  3. […] so we close out the evening with this robot rickshaw concept image by Matt Gaser, via reddit. Happy week to all, and don’t forget to bring your robots in for the […]

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