League of Legends (bandle city)

Over the past several months I’ve been creating some fun artwork for the game “League of Legends”.  They were kind enough to let me post a few concepts.  This image was a design I did for Bandle City.  A village dwelling of tiny little beings that resemble Lemers.  They live a simple life almost like Hobbits, but carry a knack for tinkering with machinery, like the giant rockets there building in the background.


3 Responses to “League of Legends (bandle city)”

  1. Great stuff Matt, I didn’t know LOL had such an expansive range of art to accompany its world. I think your sense of enjoyment of what you do really comes across in pieces like this. Also, these lemur people sound kind of like the Asura from Guildwars2

  2. Cidem1324 Says:


    You made one for Bandle City as well?!?! You’re are no words for how awesome you are…

    Love how the yordles live in a semi-farm/village community….with rockets in their backyard. XD

    Hope to see more! (crossing fingers for Fredjord). ^_^

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