The land of Bali.

Bali Painting

I’m excited to finally post this painting I did as a commission piece.  A friend of mine was recently married and his family hired me to secretly paint this image as a surprise wedding gift.  It was the first time I’ve printed my work digitally onto canvas and the results are extremely positive.  If anyone needs a good printer I know a great one in the bay area.  The giclee is 20”x 48” and turned out beautifully, thanks again Irving!

6 Responses to “The land of Bali.”

  1. Friggin’ beautiful man, they should be stoked!!!

  2. Wow, that is truly amazing. Really beautiful work.

  3. Wow indeed! Awesome awesome work my friend!

  4. Great piece and inspiring blog, Matt.
    There’s so much I could (neeeeed to) learn from you here!

  5. Want to go to Bali now more than before thanks to your beautiful painting.

  6. Exclisive idea……….!!!!
    Thanks……. M. Gaser………

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