Cruise Ship Runaway.


Welcome again!  Sorry for my lack of postings lately, I’ve been working on some other cool stuff for clients but can’t show the work for awhile.  In the meantime, I decided to post this painting of a cruise ship escaping a hostel planet.  It was for a pitch to a game that never got made unfortunately, recently decided to touch up the piece.

A lot of great stuff in the pipeline, our “Dagstom” CG Short is really taking off, more developments coming soon!

Happy Halloween…

3 Responses to “Cruise Ship Runaway.”

  1. omg, i love your work ! Great job.

  2. Love the shape design in the ship, familiar yet different.

    Inspiring stuff on here, please keep posting!


  3. Nice work Matt! Always enjoy your use of “lights and darks.”


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