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Bach Man.

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He’s going for a conducting interview…


The land of Bali.

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Bali Painting

I’m excited to finally post this painting I did as a commission piece.  A friend of mine was recently married and his family hired me to secretly paint this image as a surprise wedding gift.  It was the first time I’ve printed my work digitally onto canvas and the results are extremely positive.  If anyone needs a good printer I know a great one in the bay area.  The giclee is 20”x 48” and turned out beautifully, thanks again Irving!


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I’m posting a character design I did for a couple that is writing a book.  They needed guidance as to what the characters looked like in there story.  Here is one of those designs.

Cruise Ship Runaway.

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Welcome again!  Sorry for my lack of postings lately, I’ve been working on some other cool stuff for clients but can’t show the work for awhile.  In the meantime, I decided to post this painting of a cruise ship escaping a hostel planet.  It was for a pitch to a game that never got made unfortunately, recently decided to touch up the piece.

A lot of great stuff in the pipeline, our “Dagstom” CG Short is really taking off, more developments coming soon!

Happy Halloween…