Glacial City.

Glacial City Concept

I was toying with the idea of cities forged in ice glaciers.  Long cathedral hallways would bridge the gap between architectural complex’s and natural elements.


5 Responses to “Glacial City.”

  1. Wow! There is so much structurally unlikely about that and yet I’m intrigued enough to wonder how to justify it all.

    Odd that I haven’t balked at all the floating cities before. 🙂

    Did you have any thoughts regarding the semi-temporary nature of such an installation? How it might be evidence of the culture residing in such places?

    • The concept was that construction of the city was completely in ice. Over time, it has melted resulting in the parts that are exposed. The city would float on it’s own without ice supporting the foundation. Thank you for your interest:)

  2. LOL

    I hadn’t even noticed the combination of the two. Floating cities in the ice just biding their time to be set free. A kind of epochal metamorphosis.

    I’ve really enjoyed your scenes thanks for sharing them and keep them coming-.


  3. So cool!! Great idea my friend!

  4. […] always called it the Ice City, but the alien metal structure buried in the glacier was no more than a power plant or industrial […]

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