Morderium Channel (blue mars).

Floating Venice1

Arena Ball

Morderium Channel

venice baloon platform


6 Responses to “Morderium Channel (blue mars).”

  1. Mickalicious Says:

    Stuff looks awesome man. I love the soccer field. That should be an iphone or xbox live game. Great stuff man.

  2. Matty Long Says:

    Great to see the more developmental pieces – lovely palette in those. The Arena Ball is bizarre…the scale is intriguing…it’s hard to know whether it is enormous, or something that could fit on my bedroom floor

  3. The Architectural Builds are great, It’s quite imaginative. Very enjoying to look at.

  4. Man, you gotta tell me how you make these so awesome….

  5. Really nice posts, happy to find your blog and site. Keep up the good work!

  6. this whole series of work is really fun. I love how it looks like floating italian villas. really nice design work

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