Blue Mars.

centenial gorge

Garden Courtyard

Venice Bridge Mural

For the past year or so I’ve been Art Directing a virtual world project called Blue Mars.  I posted several concepts of the New Venice island.  A Baroque, Art Nouveau inspired land where theme and technology merge in a romantic fantasy setting.

The idea is to live virtually in fantasy environments, meeting other avatars, playing games, customizing your apartment, and exploring the vast landscapes of a teraformed Mars.  More coming soon…


11 Responses to “Blue Mars.”

  1. wow. lovely colors and lighting! love the first 2 pics a bunch!

  2. Wow! Fantastic work Matt! Really beautiful stuff my friend!

  3. Just awesome mate. Lovely colors and bold brush strokes. Would like to see more!

  4. These are stunning!!

  5. awesome

  6. Mickalicious Says:

    Still the best with lighting and color man. Killer stuff.

  7. Matty Long Says:

    Astounding stuff Matt; your work continues to grow in vision and quality. I especially like the Flash Canyon Falls piece, in particular the lush grassy area in the foreground. That something so peaceful can exist in the majesty of such epic falls and rockfaces totally captures the imagination 🙂

  8. They all look amazingly beautiful.

  9. Cellinaire Says:

    So where I explored today in Blue Mars came from that concept shots I believe hehe.

    (Actually above shot no.1 and 2 are not fully implemented yet. Well, as of today)

  10. Kind of reminds of me Naboo in Star Wars. Really amazing stuff.

  11. This is a great series, very vast and on point at the same time.

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