Breaking Ice…


I’m excited to announce my long time friend (Rusty Drake) and I have broke ground on our short film epic…”Dagstom”  This project is years away from being finished but, we finally decided to sit down and put a serious amount of time into the film.  We’ve been sketching and toying with the story for many years now and we finally said…lets get started.

I’ll try and post more on this project in the future, although we do want to keep somethings a suprise.  No, it doesn’t involve peinguins.  Take it easy everyone!


3 Responses to “Breaking Ice…”

  1. I’m excited!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with my friend!

  2. Did I mention I love this? Oh, I didn’t? That’s a shame.
    I love this.

  3. cool stuff dude! It was good seeing you last week too!

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