New website…is launched!


Check out my new website:

I’ve updated the site with new artwork, an online store, music, and more…  It’s been along time coming, but I finally brought my website up to the standard I’ve always wanted it to be.  Special thanks goes out to my friend Doug Schroeder.  Without Doug this site would have never been constructed, an amazing programmer and a good friend indeed.  Thanks buddy!

So, give the new site a stroll and tell me what you think…


4 Responses to “New website…is launched!”

  1. I-Am-Spaceman Says:

    Breath-taking stuff Matt, congrats on the new site – it’s superb. Just the tonic to lift me out of the creative mire I’m currently wallowing in!

    best wishes,


  2. Sarah Wall Says:

    Hey Matt! Your work is just amazing, so creative and beautiful! The site looks awesome. I will bookmark it and return soon.

    I see you’ve moved on from Clone Wars now. Ah, the good ol’ days….

    Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Congrats! The site looks great. Love seeing all the new work and it’s great seeing it in lightbox format. Awesome work.

  4. Hooray for new websites!! Nice work my friend.

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