Mortons Crawl


I did this sketch a few years back of a walking machine, thought it could be a fun painting.  I also needed a splash image for my new website I’m launching really soon.  Stay tuned…


5 Responses to “Mortons Crawl”

  1. LOVE it!!! Nice work my friend! Can’t wait to see teh website!

  2. Pete "Watterson" Schwager Says:

    Matt, haven’t seen or talked to you in ages…Your art is truly amazing. I remember seeing your drawings back when we were kids. Looks like you are doing great from what I see on your site.

  3. Great work !!!!!
    A fan from overseas….

  4. I-Am-Spaceman Says:

    Really nicely composed, and I’m loving the playful use of scale. Can’t wait to check out your new site (as much as I like your current one)


  5. so whimsical and creative. I really like your stuff

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