Redwood Forest Studies.

These paintings reminded me of growing up in Northern Cali.  My brother and I would pretend to be wookies and ewoks in our backyard that came right out of a set from “Return of the Jedi”.  I did the artwork for a game concept, but I couldn’t resist painting the locations from memory to resemble the forest backdrop of my childhood adventures!


10 Responses to “Redwood Forest Studies.”

  1. Matt,

    So that’s your secret! I think I remember these. As always, your environments are breathtaking.

  2. Hey Matt… great work my friend!

  3. Beautiful stuff as always. Hows it goin Gaser Beam?

  4. Wow… reads like a million bucks! Awesome!

  5. Dang! That is wild how they just dissolve into abstract shapes and colors up close, but are so effing solid when you pull away. I’m really infatuated with these (and the rest of your work).

  6. Adam Tamte Volker Says:


    I’ve been a huge fan of your color sense for a while now, but I didn’t know you had a blog! Way cool


  7. beautiful stuff as always Matt, can’t wait to see more

  8. I think I’ve walked these woods as a child, and more recently in my head. Gorgeous work!

  9. Hi Matt,
    Heard about you from Sergio. Love your work and your simple yet elegant styles. Keep posting please, thanks!

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