Nether World.

The other night I was tired of watching America’s Next Top Model with my wife and decided to paint this instead.  I hate reality television…. hate it!  Maybe that explains why I spend so much time in my head:)


5 Responses to “Nether World.”

  1. You hate it… yet, you watch it! hmmm? I’m glad you decided not to watch anymore and made this instead, because it’s great my friend!! Beautiful composition and colours! Love the last posting too!
    NO more tv!

  2. Beautiful sketches. I haven’t used my Wacom in weeks but you’ve inspired to

  3. *inspired me to dig it out. Take care.

    p.s (sorry for the double posting)

  4. mordecaidesign Says:

    I hate it yet I got sucked into watching it too with my wife. Alot of my personal favorite paintings came out of that time. I think the loathing opens up some sort of creative spark. 😀

  5. mordecaidesign Says:

    Loved the colors on this by the way. Aerial perspective is also amazing

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