“Gluba Vanderhon The Giant” on bus in Sweden.

I was asked to customize my painting with artwork from other artists for a bus project in Sweden.  All the time was donated to inspire kids to read and provide books with internet access for children in rural area’s of the country side.  There will be a fleet of these buses with plans for the program to last a decade.

7 Responses to ““Gluba Vanderhon The Giant” on bus in Sweden.”

  1. The question is… do you get a bus?!?
    Great job dude!

  2. great!, that’s one of my favorite as you know Matt!
    i wanna se that in bigger size, get this?

  3. Stephen Henderson Says:

    That’s awsome!

  4. Sweet! It must be awesome to see that thing rolling down the street. Good luck with the book btw!

  5. Very nice work! I spent my morning going thru your your site and blog.

    Well, i’m a brazillian designer student who also works with illustration, if you have some time, check out my stuff too. Thanks very much, and again, very nice work!

    ( i hope my english isnt that bad! )

  6. I just picked up my issue of imagine FX and it gave me your link – Wow!

    I have to get my stuff together thanks for the push!

  7. How awesome is that?!

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