Concept artist on The CLONE WARS.

On Friday August 15th is the premier of STAR WARS “THE CLONE WARS”.  I worked on the film and season 1 for the new animated TV series coming out this fall.  For almost two years I created concept art and matte paintings for the film and series while having a blast working at Skywalker Ranch.

MMM….May the force be with LUCASFILM ANIMATION and the talented crew.  Great work guys, I’m proud of our achievements and will cherish the experience with all of you for a lifetime.

Gary, make sure nerd of the week lasts forever!

2 Responses to “Concept artist on The CLONE WARS.”

  1. awesome awesome job my friend!! What a fun fulfilling job that must have been! Kudos to you and the crew… can’t wait to see it.

  2. Wow, you’ll deserve it Matt!
    impatient to see that !

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