Primrobb’s Threshold.

Here’s a painting I recently finished.

Perhaps the floating beast has been exiled from normal life because of a crime he didn’t commit.  So, a kind woman feeling sorry for Primrobb visits him in a prison glade to bring cookies his favorite… Snicker Doodles.

Yeah, that’s it!  Actually, to be honest Snicker Doodles are really my favorite.


7 Responses to “Primrobb’s Threshold.”

  1. Ohhhhh oh so good. Love the trees.

  2. Hey Matt…. Awesome painting my friend!!! So creative. Great colours, details and lighting!! All around beautiful piece man. Oh, … and I also love snicker doodles!!

  3. Oh wow, dreamy! Love the colors man.

  4. Randy W. Says:

    Excellent creativity. i have been following your career via your website. I’m very impressed. keep it up.

  5. Really nice painting Matt!

  6. Fantastic colors! GREAT blog you’ve got here.. if you dont mind, I’d like to add your link.


  7. So fantastic !!
    love palette, colors, poetic view….
    Raaaa… Lovely!

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