This is one painting out of hundreds I did for the Eragon Video Game.  It was a fun project because for two years myself and another artist (a friend of mine Rusty Drake) had to dream up the world of Eragon visually before any assets from the film production where given.  Most of the artwork I will be posting from this game project is our vision of the book and not of the movie.  Unfortunalty, the film tanked and for good reason… it was really bad and the acting was dreadfull.  But, the game turned out beautifully, what can you do except keep on painting:)

In this image I painted an establishing shot of a fishing village called Daret.


One Response to “Eragon”

  1. You know that i really want to see more, sooo more,
    in fact, i think i want to see all your artowork for Eragon ^^
    always good, as usual.

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