Orto GB-7

robot-model.jpgmachine2.jpgAfter my last posting showing a model that’s in progress I recieved a good response.  Apparently, people like this stuff so I decided to show one of my finished models. 

This model is called Orto GB-7 based on a short film concept I was toying with many years ago.  The story was about a convoy of robots traveling a baron landscape in search of other dead robots then repair them into functioning machines.  I’ve also added a rough sketch of another robot I never made but was going to be the main power supply for the convoy basing it’s generator source on kinetic energy.


3 Responses to “Orto GB-7”

  1. Amazing as usual !!
    have you a link for this short?

  2. Stephen H. Says:

    Very cool. What materials do you generally use?

  3. Wow, this is crazy awesome! You should bring it to work! Who needs to buy toys when u can make them?

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