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Orto GB-7

Posted in The Art of Matt Gaser on February 10, 2008 by mattgaser

robot-model.jpgmachine2.jpgAfter my last posting showing a model that’s in progress I recieved a good response.  Apparently, people like this stuff so I decided to show one of my finished models. 

This model is called Orto GB-7 based on a short film concept I was toying with many years ago.  The story was about a convoy of robots traveling a baron landscape in search of other dead robots then repair them into functioning machines.  I’ve also added a rough sketch of another robot I never made but was going to be the main power supply for the convoy basing it’s generator source on kinetic energy.

Work in progress.

Posted in The Art of Matt Gaser on February 5, 2008 by mattgaser

carriage-model.jpgOcassionally, when I get the chance I like to build custom models based on my doodle sketches, here’s almost finished.  I just need to paint the creature and set up a rigging system for the beast to pull the carriage .  I tried to get this finished in time for Spectrum 15 this year but I failed.  Never enough time in the day AHHH!  I will keep posting the progress until it’s done hopefully in a month or two.

Message to Vionnet

Posted in The Art of Matt Gaser on February 5, 2008 by mattgaser

message.jpgI finally finished this piece for Spectrum 15 along with several other paintings but those will have to wait for another rainy day:) 

In this painting I started with a simple drawing of a woman, after taking her into Photoshop she grew into a life of her own.  Sometimes painting can take an artist into places they had no intention of creating from the start.  There’s a narrative in there somewhere just ask my wife, she already has an entire novel about what’s going on in this piece.  As for me I think if I gave an answer it would be ruined, I leave it up to all of you…