New Website.

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For those of you who are interested, I’ve launched a new site with a bunch of NEW work.  If your interested check it out:

This Blog will still be active, I plan to kept posting images and updates on my projects.  But, if you want to see my full body of artwork then go to my new site.  Enjoy!

Untitled Pitch Artwork.

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FC_UncleTheo'sHomeConcept_1 Revision1


Last year I worked with Rainmaker Entertainment creating pitch artwork for a project in development.  Unfortunately, the film wasn’t green lit … but the concept work is still alive and well!  Enjoy.

Battery Transport.

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Battery Transport Concept


Leaving Depot

This is a concept painting of a Battery Transport in my story “OASIS” in Battle Milk 3.  UPDATE 11.7.13, added wide shot of a deserted sector & wide shot of a foggy trading depot.  If you haven’t already go to Amazon and pick up a copy!

Cloud Spin Logo.

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The creator, Robert Bloss had me design and illustrate the logo and title screen for his game.  All the elements are in separate layers for flash animation.

Cloud Spin Artwork.

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Last year I was able to help a smaller game company Skytrain Studios with their flying adventure game Cloud Spin.   Check out their website for launch details and screenshots.  I created the look of the game based on the vision from the founder/creator, Robert Bloss.  Attached are just a few of the concepts I did for the game including the company logo.  More of these will be showcased on my new website currently in development.

Comic Con, Signing.

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It’s coming… San Diego Comic Con.  I’ll be signing along with the other artists involved on July 20th from 2-4pm.  Booth 1701 and 1800.  If your going to the Con stop on by and say hello:)  May even do a sketch for ya!

Update:  New BM website is live!  Check it out: Battlemilk

Berm In Crowd.

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This image was just released on the Battlemilk Facebook page.  Getting close, Battlemilk 3 will be available July 15th.


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